5 Reasons to Book a Bridal Session

Bridals are done so often out west and rarely known about on the east coast and it BLOWS. MY. MIND. These are such a great investment and something I hope turns into a regular thing for not only my couples, but everyone! Here are some photos from one of my favorite bridal sessions in Acadia National Park!

To give you a run down on what bridals are exactly- we’ll basically find somewhere absolutely epic, and no, it doesn’t have to be in Maine! Get back in your wedding attire, go at the perfect time to have the BEST light and get some amaaaazing photos! I do not have to be your wedding photographer to take your bridals! This can be done one week, one month, or even 3 years after you get married, or even before! There’s no limits and that’s why I love bridals so much.

NO LIMITS. On your wedding day, I am 100% positive you’ll get amazing bridals. But normally wedding day timelines don’t allow for a good amount of time for bridals. You might feel rushed to enjoy time with your guests during cocktail hour, or your family photos might have gone longer than expected, there are so many reasons why this tends to happen! Bridals have absolutely no time crunch, no other obligations, just you, your love, and me having the best time ever!! 

LIGHT. Lighting is huuuuge when it comes to photos!! Not everyone’s wedding day or venue offers the best light- bridals allow you to soak up all the golden hour sun and get photos that glow!!! 

LOCATION. Maybe you got married at a barn but love the coast, or you got married in a church and love to hike into the mountains and your wedding day obviously didn’t have your dream spot for photos- this is the biggest one guys!!! We can go absolutely anywhere! Wanna go to Yosemite? Cape Cod? The Adirondack mountains?? I’m freaking there for anything you wanna do!!! 

IT’S JUST A GOOD TIME. How many times are you going to put your wedding dress on after the wedding!? Probably never- unless you do some bridals! This is the perfect excuse to wear it one more time, go on a little adventure, and document the whole thing. It’s never anything short of a freaking blast!! 

PHOTOS LAST BEYOND A LIFETIME. These can be passed down to your kids, your grandkids, and your great grandkids. They will be cherished forever by not only you, but the ones who love you!

You’ll never regret having them done + you’ll appreciate them even more as time goes by. Get your dress + your love ready because we’re gonna have the best time ever!!!